IEC / EN standard compliance IEC/EN規格の準拠)




- Product safety assessment (製品安全の評価)

- Technical standard support / advice (技術的規格のサポートとアドバイス)

- Trainings / Seminars (English/Japanese/German)*

* (simultaneous interpretation as necessary)




Applicable Products (examples):

Switching Power Supplies, Inverters, Motor Drivers, Motors, Linear Actuators/Linear Motors,

Industrial Components, Factory Automation Components, Transformers, Charger, EV-Chargers,

DC Fast Chargers, Circuit Breakers, Protectors, RCDs, Connectors, Cables, etc.









LIST OF SEMINARS - additional topics are available / can be prepared



1.    Switching Power Supply - Theory of operation



2.    Magnetic and capacitive couplers for safe insulation



3.    Functional safety standard ISO 13849 - advanced seminar



4.    Transformer safety - Short-circuit and overload protection

(トランスの安全性 - 短絡と過負荷保護)


5.    Transformer safety - Insulation system classification and verification

(トランスの安全性 - 絶縁システムの区分と確認)


6.    Linear Actuator - Characteristics of operation, safety and testing

(リニアアクチュエーターの動作特性, 安全性とテスト)


7.    Mode 4 EVSE - IEC 61851-23

(モード4 EVSE - IEC61851-23


8.    Power Converting Equipment - Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

(電力変換装置 - 短絡時の電流定格(SCCR))


9.    EVSE-DC charger (Mode 4) Safety - Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

EVSE DCチャージャー(モード4 の安全性-短絡時の電流定格(SCCR))


10. Insulation coordination Level 1 (絶縁協調レベル1

IEC 60664-1 introduction and general requirements



11. Insulation coordination Level 2 (絶縁協調レベル2

Clearance altitude correction insulation withstand voltage - above 2000m

(クリアランス高度補正絶縁耐圧 2000mを超えるもの)


12. Insulation coordination Level 3 (絶縁協調レベル3

HF insulation coordination IEC 60664-4



13. Power Drive Systems - requirements and tests

(パワードライブシステム - 要求事項と試験)


14. Parallel Conductors - current balance monitoring

(並行導体 電流バランスの監視)