Transformer Safety - Insulation System classification and verification




Valuable work for understanding and evaluation of electrical insulating systems within control and power transformers.

Contents / Agenda


0 Introduction (導入)
0.1 Scope
0.2 Insulation Systems
0.3 Thin Sheet Insulation
1. Classification
2. Requirements & verification
2.1 Transformers for use in Class II applications & Class II Transformers

2.2 Class I Transformers
2.2.1 Class I Transformers without Protective Screen
2.2.2 Class I Transformers with Protective Screen
2.3 Transformers with Functional Screen (Functional Earth)

2.4 Transformers with Spiral Wrapping Tape Winding Insulations (螺旋テープ絶縁のあるトランス)
2.5 Transformers with Triple Insulated Winding Wire
3. Earthing connections
APPENDIX A Required Insulation Type for Isolating Transformers IEC 61558-2-4

(付録A  IEC 61558-2-4絶縁トランスに必要な絶縁タイプ)


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