Magnetic and capacitive couplers for safe isolation







Brief introduction of the very interesting topic, the specifics of extremely thin insulation layers for safe insulation and solving tools for the required life-time verification.




The test program of the developing standards based on the superseded DIN V VDE V 0884-10, the issued pre-standard IEC/PAS 60747-17:2011 and the outlook to the future DIN EN 60747-17 (IEC 47E/511/CD) and IEC 47E/536/CD are addressed and explained.


廃止されたDIN V VDE V 0884-10に基づいた新しい規格の試験プログラム、発行されたIEC/PAS 60747-17:2011および将来のDIN EN 60747-17 (IEC 47E/511/CD) および IEC 47E/536/CD



Duration: approx. 240 min(時間:240分)